Security Services

Work with us to improve the security of your exchange or project. Crypto Launchpad is dedicated to helping projects protect user information, funds, and sensitive company information. Our security team includes top 10 ranked white hat hackers, ensuring that any security flaws are found and fixed before hostile parties can exploit them.

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How we can stop the hacking of exchanges

In theCrypto world, we know exchanges get hacked. In the last year alone, over 5exchanges have fallen victim to attacks with more than $50+ million being lost.Recently we discovered that Cryptopia, one of the oldest and largest crypto exchanges by number of coins, has fallen victim to what appears to be a breach of the main ETH wallet and some token wallets, initial reports are the ETH alone was worth more than $2.5+ million. These events send the wrong signals about the industry and the overall health of the ecosystem. They imply that the crypto industry is failing, and that people can’t trust holding their assets in crypto. The fact that exchanges getting hacked is a normal occurrence is alarming; we talk about how we dislike banks and that crypto will replace banks. But how much better are we if as many if not more crypto exchanges are hacked as compared to banks? It’s not enough to simply blame people for not holding onto their own private keys or for not withdrawing into cold wallets.This is a problem that can be mitigated, and at Crypto Launchpad we want to use our skillset to change the status quo and prevent these hacks from happening.  

Our Security Services

We provide a range of different services to ensure your company and project is kept safe. These include:

Security penetration testing
Identifying vulnerabilities in your network security, web and mobile applications. Full remediation guidelines and patches are provided as part of this service.

Exchange hacking services
You allow us to use any means necessary which a hacker trying to cause harm to your systems would use and try to breach your systems. We provide solutions to any breaches we find.

Security Policy and Training
Our team can work alongside your organisation to design an organisational security policy to mitigate your exposure to risks. Each policy is unique to the organisation in question. Our team trains your personnel how to follow the security policy so that they are familiar with the requirements and understand how to best reduce risks.

Our service prices

Security Penetration Testing

  • One off full service
  • List of breaches reported
  • Remediation guidelines
  • Patches and updates
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Exchange Hacking Services

  • One off full attack on all systems
  • List of breaches found
  • Solution to fix any breaches
  • Policy updates
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Security Policy
and Training

  • One off analysis & interviewing
  • Review of existing systems and policy
  • Redraft or creation of policy
  • List of guidelines & updates
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Policy Subscription

  • Monthly testing & updates
  • Monthly follow up & reviews
  • Ongoing support dedicated hours monthly
  • New updates and recommendations based on insights
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