Our Services

Crypto Launchpad offers a diverse range of services to meet the needs of your blockchain project.

Token Advisory Services

Blockchain technology has the ability to transform society through upending industries, structures, and traditional business models. In this ecosystem we believe that entrepreneurs with the drive, talent and right ideas should be given every opportunity to succeed and grow their ventures. That’s why our team works alongside companies at any stage of the token launching process to ensure they are best placed to succeed.

Blockchain Strategy & Consulting

The cornerstone of any high quality project is a tailored market strategy and strong business model. We assist our clients by delivering deep business insights, comprehensive market analysis, and exchange listing expertise. These factors combine to ensure that your project rises above the competition and is well positioned to disrupt the marketplace.

Token Economics and Structure

Within most blockchain projects the choice of token and its use within the project ecosystem is a critical element of success. We work closely with clients and recommend tokens based on their goals and ecosystem’s specific requirements. This includes experience with security tokens, utility tokens and stablecoins.

Technical Testing & Stability

A security breach into a project’s infrastructure could significantly reduce confidence in its token and harm its future value. That’s why in addition to token creation and blockchain deployment we conduct security penetration testing, smart contract auditing, and examine blockchain stability. This adds a new level of confidence to a token from both a company and investor perspective, creating greater stability, reliability and increasing capital raising capabilities.

Legal, Regulatory and Tax

Token generation events can lead to complex regulatory requirements and unclear tax obligations, especially when investors come from a multiplicity of countries. To simplify this process and provide clarity and security, we partner with organisations that are specialised to provide this advice and structure a company’s legal and tax requirements. This allows you to focus on what’s important – growing your business and giving it the best possible opportunity to prosper.

Independent Due Diligence

Projects and investors alike face difficulties in differentiating innovative, quality token projects from low quality, often scam projects in the market. Crypto Launchpad helps to mitigate this risk through our Independent Due Diligence Services

We utilise our Token Assessment Framework to assess every aspect of a blockchain project. This assessment provides organisations with independently verified information to enable informed decision making on projects. Information generated by our Token Assessment Framework is used by our exchange partners to inform listing decisions, and high quality projects are referred to our investor networks.

Token Assessment Framework


Our business assessment analyses current operations and the ongoing viability of the organisation.


Our financial assessment analyses the current financial state of the organisation and the adequacy of internal financial planning.


Our technology assessment analyses the quality of the projects technology solution.


Our security assessment analyses the strength and quality of the projects security mechanisms.


Our legal assessment analyses the organisations compliance with local and international laws and regulations.

The results of our analysis are published in a report and provided to the relevant parties. This mitigates risk and enables organisations to make informed decisions based on comprehensive due diligence.